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Some Comments about local some Local  Dances

As summer approaches the very active Nanaimo dance season slow down a bit. 

For social ballroom dancing the Thursday night dance at Bowen is very pleasant. Most people are in couples. Never-the-less, it is a very friendly crowd who ask up newcomers to dance. There are a few "singles" who enjoy dancing.

The Nanaimo Ballroom Dances  are like a Jewel-in-the-Crown for the Nanaimo area's beautiful dancing. While it is mostly couples, there are singles. The N.B.D.S. dances, use canned music in strict tempo, which can be fine to a point, but the music choices are often disappointingly bland. It doesn't quite reach the younger crowd (who are in sparse attendace, if at all) and is anathema to many older people (like this writer!) who enjoy genuine old time ballroom music. To attend the N.B.D.S. Dinner Dances is a thrill because it is always such a beautifully done event. 

On Friday nights there is regular dancing at the 256 Legion on Wellington Road. The 1st Fridays has been my Swing-Etc dance and on the 2nd and 4th Friday there is "Club-256" which is a social dance that has a mixture of dance tracks, including quite a bit of latin. NBDS also holds dance there and the Legion itself has public dances and there is as regular Contra-Ceilidh Dance there.. It is an excellent venue.

Your comments are welcome - especially iy you can point out some solutions to increasing attendances (and particularly with younger people).
Gordon Pascoe  
My Own Compositions
I have indulged myself by including my own writings on this site. I love writing scripts and composing music. (Some even get performed, which is a bonus!) They are listed on this web site because some of my friends have expressed an interest
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