Lindy Preliminary - VIViD - Vancouver Island Vintage Dance

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Lindy Preliminary

Swing Dances
 Lindy Preliminary 
"Triple Lindy" then later became "East Coast Swing"
1Change weight to musicL to R etc  "Stay Grounded"
2Flex knees / "bounce"classic "pulse"
3Rock Step  (1, 2)
4Triple Forward (3 &, 4...)"here we go"
5Triple Back  (5 &, 6 . . .)"bring it back"
Basic Routine
called "Triple Lindy"
then "East Coast Swing"
 (put together the Rock Step, Triple Fwd and Triple back)
7He Goesunder his own right arm
on the triple forward
8She goesunder his left arm
on the triple forward
9Changing sidesplain pass, then later a pass with a turn, then later an underarm turn for follows.
10Change ups. For example, omit the the triples and just "pulse" in place. (etc)
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