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Swing Dances
 1st Friday Dances
Friday - April 7th  -  "Swing-Etc" was our last dance of the season.
It was a great success with Sara Raymond as our instructor teaching a lovely "Rueda" sequence of Nightclub Two Step. Thank you Sara and also to the willing and supportive dancers. It was fun.
         This dance had a record number of dancers for a First Friday (44 people).
         We will re-start in September.
During the summer there will be fairly regular Friday night dances at 256 Legion. For example:
                 Club-256 - W.C.S. Collective - Wanna Dance with Gwen 
WHAT TO EXPECT (in September!)
We are arranging to rent a Dance Studio on Wednesday evenings starting in September with (a) an hour of instruction, (b) an hour of practice dance time.
We will take registrations for this, as we have a limit of twenty people per session. The cost will be $20 for a series of 4 lessons (thus $5 per evening!). We have volunteer instructors lined up for our Wednesday evening programmes.. 
Week 1. Single Step Lindy, then quickly in Triple Step Lindy. (then some Swing Waltz)
Week 2. More Triple Step Lindy + some Charleston & Solo Jazz (then some Swing Waltz)
Week 3. Review then Balboa / W.C.S.  (then some Swing Waltz)
Week 4. Review then some Shag and Boogie Woogie and practice with added fun "jams"!!!
        These will be all Fundamental basic moves that can become a part of your dancing. They are not advanced steps. 

There will be a change in the format of "Swing-Etc" in September. 
We will encourage dancing in a RETRO SWING styele 
We will play perhaps 75% swing music - mostly from the Big Band era. 
What this means is that it is the ultimate in fusion because Smooth Lindy Hop of the late 1920's included some Charleston moves from earlier in the decade and as the years passed by new dances evolved from Lindy Hop. True Swing Dancers still include some of the moves from newer dances in their Lindy Hop dancing. Examples include Solo Jazz moves, Jitterbug, Boogie Woogiethe Balboa, some Collegiate ShagWest Coast SwingEast Coast Swing and Rock and Roll jive. Almost all of the music is also suitable for for either, fast Jive or slow jive.
DUring our dances we will also play some Rumba, Cha-cha, Nightclub Two Step and Swing Waltzes. 
We will include some mixers in the programme, and have some fun "Dance Jams."

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