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VIViD  Vancouver Island Vintage Dance Society
 The Vancouver Island Vintage Dance Society (VIViD) is registered as a non-profit society in the Province of British Columbia.  Society Act = S-0065552
The original members of the VIVID Society are:
Gordon Pascoe
Doug Singer
JIll Pascoe
Diane Cleary
Graham Gates

Vice President
 This is an "Open Membership" Society. Any adult Canadian who has attended our dances is a member. For voting purposes a member must have attended ten of our dances (Contra, Swing or other dances)
Our Society's mandate is to foster and promote Vintage Dancing and the music associated with it. We also encourage "dressing up" sometimes in a costume - "flappers" etc.
What do we mean by "Vintage Dance"?

     - ANY form of dance that is no longer "contemporary"  and the music that is associated with that form of dancing,
     - For example, it is curious that "Rock n' Roll" has now become "vintage". 
     - Ancient Dances, Medieval Dances, Folk Dances and Court dances from Tudor times all the way up to the late 20th Century are all "vintage" dances..
      This includes English Country Dance of long lines and sets, from 1500's to 1815 (and also more recent dances being invented in that style)
      Also the genuine partner dances from the early 1800's onwards, often called "Ballroom Dances".  (1820's - 1970's - and now) Examples are: polka, mazurka, schottische, gavotes, two-steps (marches), rag time dances, tango, one-step, quickstep, foxtrots (fast & slow), and others.
There have been different "Dancing Eras
1. Court and/or Peasant Dancing (1500s-1850's) 
2. Romantic Era
Dances (1840's +) (orignal "Ballroom Dances")
3. Sequence (1901 +), Ragtime (1895-1925+), Blues Jazz (1912+), Dixie (1910+), Swing (1930's+), Rock & Roll (1950's +), and even original Hip Hop of the 1970's. There were other forms of dancing, most importantly Latin dances (1890's +) that are thriving today. 

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